The labor and employment law attorneys at BCD Law Office are dedicated to providing advice and counsel to management and human resource professionals. As labor and employment laws and regulations are continually changing, our legal practice focuses on the prevention of workplace issues in an effort to minimize your risk for litigation.

No matter the size of your business or the industry, employers are faced with employment law challenges. Because we understand that you must stay focused on achieving your business objectives, we work with you to formulate preventative strategies in order to avoid risks that often divert management’s attention.

Legal services we provide include:

  • Risk management & prevention
  • Compliance
  • Labor Relations
  • Employment contracts
  • Employment litigation

We also understand that in some cases, litigation is inevitable. In these cases, we provide you with a continuity of representation from the initial consultation through various types of adversarial proceedings, such as administrative proceedings, discrimination claims, and other employment law related litigation.

Disputes must be handled quickly and efficiently to minimize the disruption of business activity and maintain good employee relations. Our attorneys regularly handle representation, including those pertaining to discrimination claims, compensation claims or any other employment issue.